Nathalie Morin

Executive Director, Transport Canada
Panelist: Ports within a Decarbonized Future

Nathalie studied biology at the University of Ottawa and completed her studies with a Master’s in Water Science at the Institut de Recherche Scientifique en Eau in Quebec City. Nathalie has been in many interesting roles over the years. She worked in policy development, risk management, coordination of horizontal issues, regulatory administration, and implementation of international agreements for various sectors, including transportation.

Recently, as the Executive Director of the Cross Sectoral Energy Division at Environment Canada, she was responsible for developing policy options to decarbonize the industrial and transportation sectors, developing and implementing the Strategic Assessment of Climate Change and leading the Net Zero Challenge for large emitters. Now, in her new position at Transport Canada, Nathalie is responsible for the decarbonization of the medium and heavy duty vehicles, rail, marine and aviation sectors.

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